Bertha B.

I first met Tina Marie when I went for a massage.  She was so good that I continued to book with her.

Because I was having pains on both of my legs and hips I was going every two weeks for a massage.  It was then that she indicated that I could have hip problems.

She then recommended Doctor Michael Corvetti, which an appointment was scheduled and Tina Marie and I went to see about my hip problems.  It was then that I was informed that I had no cartilage and it was rubbing bone to bone.  I then had hip surgery on my right hip then six months later I had to have surgery on my left hip.

It has now been over six years that I have been having my massages and I still continue to have my massages with her every week.

This helps me to continue with working.  Tina Marie can tell if something else is going on with my healthcare issues.

All those other doctors that I had gone to could not find my hip problems.  She was able to by doing my massages.

Thank you for all your care and assistance.